Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home is different

Home is a place to sleep in a warm bed .

Home is a place to eat yummy food, pasta, burgers and cooked those are some of my favourites things to eat in my home .

Home is a place to be toasty and warm all wrapped in Blankets by the fire place .

Home is a place to feel safe and loved .

Home is a place to spend time with your loving and caring family.

Home is a different then place then just walls, flooring and a roof. Home is a special place to be with family, friends and pets .

Some people are sad, some people are mad.

But this will make a big change from people being sad to glad.

From the dark brown wooden desk in the bastment to the main floor, in the living room, TV hung on the wall . To the second floor , the bedrooms the guest room and the bathrooms. Last but not least the attic that never gets used, dusty, full of brown boxs and a hole bunch of old worn out brown teddy bears.

Only a couple sentences will help a person or two or maybe even more.