Grade 5


Home is Comfort

Home is a place where I chat with my family and friends. I laugh, I smile, I cry and I feel supported. If i’m coming home from a miserable day, my mom is there to comfort me. I feel warm and cozy and feel well protected. When night time comes, I have a cozy bed to sleep. At home, I have a family to talk to to make me feel comfort. My home is my shelter in a BIG storm. My home just really makes me feel warm. When I walk in my home after a long day, I put a big BRIGHT smile on my face. I LOVE when me and my family sit at our dinner table while eating a warm meal and have conversations about our day. In the winter when i’m sick or cold I love when I walk in my home and there’s a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a minty candy cane waiting for me to drink. During the summer, me and my family like to walk down to a restaurant near my home and enjoy a nice cold beverage and a meal , but no matter what my home is still with me. Home is the best place I could have ever imagined!! Sometimes I wonder how lucky I am to have a home…home is a very special place that I will never ever forget.