Grade 4

British Columbia

Home is better than under a tree

My room is there and it is warm. When I am cold there is a fire. When I am sad my Mom is there. Its very safe and very special. Because when I’m scared I’m safe inside. It’s always good to have it there cause it is close to were I learn and the people I love live right inside. I am who I am and I’m accepted for that. Its such a great place to be as you may see. My room is large my yard is large and my friend’s live up the street. I’ve lived there since I was young and still to this day. My dog is soft and she comfort’s Me when I’m sad she comfort’s Me when I am sad. She is the best dog ever and that’s why My family love’s her so much. I know lot’s of family’s don’t have a home like mine but I hope they soon do. Since I live in such a great place and so I love it for now for ever and for always.