Grade 4

British Columbia

Home is better than living on the street.

A house is made of walls and beams but a home is made of love and dreams. When I think of the street’s I think of all the people who don’t have homes and all the people who have homes should feel very grateful. At home you are warm and comfy but just think of all the people who don’t have that. At home you have warm clothes toys and books but on the street you do not. At home I feel special when I can cry to people when I need to. I feel healthy and comforted when I am around my family. When I come home from school I think of my room. In my room there are clean clothes washed in the laundry room, there is heat under my blanket and when I come down from my room I enjoy eating dinner with my family. In conclusion when I think of my home I feel very special. I wish everybody had a home like me.