Grade 5

British Columbia

Home Is Beautiful

Home is Beautiful

When I open the door, there is much more than some walls and a roof, it’s a home, its my home. Every home is unique look around you your home is beautiful. When I look out my window, I see the river the trees and if you stop and listen you can hear birds and water. When I walk down the stairs, I see Mom making roast beef dinner you turn the corner there, s my sister playing Twister. Its always warm inside but some people don’t have that when I walk through town I see people sitting on the street with no meal to eat and it makes me think they don’t have a warm home or roast beef and which makes me sad . We all deserve a home. a home for you to sleep a home for you to eat a home that’s not cold in winter that has fuzzy blankets by the fire while sipping hot coco munching on cookies riant out of the pan. People don’t have someone to hug so when your siting on your warm couch think about those people now, we can do something for them by just writing a simple poem so get writing and help.