Grade 5


Home is as Free as a Forest

Home means so many things, there are so many things it is hard to explain. I’m going to tell you three different things home is to me. I think home is amazing, calm, and free. Those are some of the things that makes it a home not just a house.

This is why I find a home calm, it makes you feel safe so it gives you a chance to relax, and help you calm down. Home just makes it so you have a place to give you a chance to feel safe and very very calm.

This is why home makes me feel amazing, you can be with your family, and hear them say many things. This is one thing I hear my brother say, “ You are amazing at so many things remember it.” Every time I hear him say that it makes me feel amazing. That is one reason why home makes me amazing.

I can’t really explain how free home makes me feel. I guess it makes me feel like home is as free as a forest. Home feels as free as a forest because everything in your home is open to you. That is why home makes me feel free.

That is why home makes me feel amazing, calm, and free. I think home is a very impeccable place to be. I think a home is something everyone should have.