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Home Is a Wonderful Place To Be

Home is a wonderful place to be. You can laugh, cry, and even make memories. When I come home from a long day at school I always see my family. Sometimes you just can’t figure out how lucky you really are for having a roof over your head. Family is always there for me. Even though I don’t live with my grandma, aunt or uncle, I always have family. Every time I get home from school my dog is always so excited to see me. It boosts me up from my day if I’ve had a bad one. I always love to see my family, especially my cousins! We always have a good laugh when they come over for a sleepover or even when we facetime. My cousins are the life of a party cause they are always up to something!

My home is very safe to me, especially my bedroom. The doors are always locked, my family is always home including my dad! Sometimes I don’t think I really know how well protected my house is! I even have a cottage but it’s hours away from Winnipeg. Luckily no one ever goes out there. I have lots of homes. This could be my dance studio, my grandma’s house, or my cousins house for a sleepover.

Memories are a keepsake for me. No matter if they are sad, happy, or exciting! I’ve been in the same home since I was a baby so I have quite a lot of memories. These memories honestly still make me laugh. I’ve lost so many connections with my family friends from COVID. I still miss those happy memories of not having to put a mask on and seeing your friends. Judges, I will cherish my memories with everyone for now on to forever.

Since this reading is almost done, I belong in my home just like everyone else. Because things hit families unexpectedly.