Grade 5

British Columbia

Home is a Wonderful Place

Home is a really different from house. Home is a special place you live in. House is a place you eat and sleep. Home is made out of magical and special items. House is a place you have to do chores and homework. Home is a place where you can feel comfortable. Home is a colorful place where you can roam free and do whatever you want. Home is a place from an amazing dream but in reality. House is a place that you want to do nothing but watch TV. Home is a place where magic does exist. Home is a place that you have wings to fly to a rainbow. House is a place that you´re not that comfortable in. Home is a place where you can jump from cloud to cloud because you are free. House is a place that you have to follow the house rules. House is a place where some people live in because they have no choice. Home is a completely different place because almost everyone lives there. When you get asked to do the simplelest things inside your house, you that it´s the hardest thing in the world. When someone get s aksed to do something inside a home, you just do it for them. If you live in a house, make so that it looks like you live in a home. Home is such a beautiful and marvelous place to live. A house is more like a place that you live in to do normal everyday things. The meaning of home to me is a fantastic place you can live in. Every single person all have their own unique, big, outsanding and amazing home. Sometimes you use the word ¨house¨ and that´s a mistake to use it. Always use home.