Grade 6


Home Is a What–Not a Where

Deeply consider, dear readers and friends,
Look at my view and my lens
Of the simple definition of a home.
Tell me, dear readers, who read all my words,
Ye call the nests of the birds
A tiny, little, small, yet standing home?
My meaning is not from the dictionary.
It shall be so contrary,
Most likely, than thy meaning of a home.

A home is not a where, it is a what.
A home is what combines
The father and the mother
And the sister and the brother
And not where one lives.
Why? Because if you call a building a home,
Then all the poor have not a home.

A home is not where food is made.
If a home is where you eat good food,
Then the people who are hungry have no home.
And why is home not a where?
Families that on the crowded streets roam
And do not have a house, they have a home—if they are united.

I hope you understand, my friend
What a home means to me. THE END.