Grade 6

Bell Island
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home is a warm and safe place

Home is a warm and safe place where you can feel peaceful And when I think about People who don’t have a home. It makes me feel sad Because they can’t feel safe and peaceful so this is why I’m writing this essay I love that I have a loving family and when I see homeless people on the street I goes .Into a restroom like McDonald’s and I buy them a drink and a hamburger
and I give them $10 I donate to the poor sometimes too and it makes me feel good about myself that’s why everyone should be grateful what they have because some people ain’t that lucky some people don’t even have anything .So we all should be grateful for what we have we should be grateful for our school we should be grateful for our family we should be grateful that we I have somewhere to live because some people don’t have somewhere to live at all.