Grade 4


Home Is A Very Special Place

Home is a very amazing, special, awesome and important place. Home is where very important people live – your Moms and Dads and maybe your siblings. Home is a place I can pray to God and all saints. Home is where I grow up to be myself. It is where I learn about friendship. Home is where enemies turn into more than best friends forever. Home is where I make the best of memories with everyone who is there. Home is a very safe place for me and my whole entire family. Home is where I am always welcome. Home is where I love others and others love me back. Home is where I dream and achieve my dreams. Everyone should be grateful for that special place called home . Home is a place where I can laugh and have fun with everyone whos there or just if something funny happens and I’m alone. Home is where I can make a mistakes yet feel joyful and happy. Home is where I can see my sibling, parents, cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles. Home is a amazing, special, awesome and important place.