Grade 5

St. catharines

Home is a Treasure

Home is a Treasure
Home. It’s considered just a word, but it is way more than that.
Turns out, home is not always with family but most often is. Home is not always a house or even place but often is. It is not always within your reach but when you find it you know to hold on and cherish it like a treasure. But also never let go.
Not only that home needs to be a place of safety, protection, comfort and warmth.
A home needs be a place of safety and protection because the harsh winds and unpleasant weather should be kept outside. Like tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and any other natural disasters that you can think of. Since those don’t make you feel safe. They only create anxiety and fear.
Comfort, warmth, freedom and peace. Not to mention feeling welcomed. Those traits are important when it comes to a home. They help you feel wanted, accepted and also unique. You also need to around people you feel comfortable with, like your family or friends. If you don’t feel those traits than the chances are that is not your true home.
Love. A word that means and describes feeling accepted and wanted just the way you are. No change required. Home is a place of love and joy. Since loved ones help you through tough times and help you find the light again.
Lets help give everyone a home!
Something many people forget is that a home does not need to be BIG or grand and luxurious. It can be big or small. For example you could feel at home in a small car or bookstore. Maybe even a big mansion. Hence the reason why home is not always a place. It matters that you feel at home.

Home is not always a house.
There are many meanings for the word home. These are only a few. I don’t know all of them but what I do know is that your home isn’t anything without YOU.
Everyone deserves a home.