Sean Kenneth

Grade false

St. Johns
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home is a special place.

Home is a special place, a place where the days go by happy, where one goes to find love. Home is the place where you love, and are loved. A place where old families stay together, where new friends are made. Many peoples have made this place a home, and now pass it down to us. I cannot fathom not having a home, a place to be safe, to be loved, to care, and to be cared for.
To think about not having a home makes me sad, and lose sight of life, of family, of love.

I hope that my words can make an impact on this world, so that home can be one step closer for all people on this planet. If you are still young, you will be on this planet for many years to come. I hope that all can have a home, and to be happy, to be safe. I hope that home can reach all people, and cover them in its loving embrace.
That is why every night, I pray to our loving God, the Creator of this world, to help others have a home, to be loved, and to be cared for.