Grade 6


Home is a Specail place

Home Is a Special Place
Home is where I want to be. It is the best place to be when it is a rainy or a snowy day.
Home is a place filled with empathy. A place filled with love for every family. A place where memories are made. A place where fun fills the air. A place where everyone is different and unique. A place where everyone does what they love. A place where you grow up.
Home is a base where you start a new phase. It is a path to your own success. It is a place where you are treated kindly and gracefully.
HOME is everything. Not just a couple of walls and a roof. It is more than that.
Home is a precious place. It means every special thing in your life and is filled with friends and family. It is a place where you get to shine, and be your own self, and no one judges you for who you are.
Home looks like an ordinary place from the outside but it is an extraordinary place on the inside.
Home is a place that protects your secrets and they never escape.
Home is a place where you spend time with your lovely family, laughing, and doing awesome things.
Home is an AMAZING place to have. I am so GRATEFUL that I have a HOME.