Grade 4


Home is a Shining, Beautiful, Sweet Place

Home is where a loving family lives.
Home is like a jewellery box filled with love, joy, memories, and happiness.
Home is priceless, peaceful, and precious.
A home is a place where you feel safe.
Everybody should deserve a caring, inspiring, and loving home.
A home is a place where you feel hope all around you.
A home is a place to be grateful and thankful for.
A home is special, important and gorgeous.
Home is a place where your heart is.
Home is nice, honest, amazing and awesome.
Why do I like my home?
Well I love my home because I am loved there, and it is filled with some cool and exciting surprises like homemade delicious meals.
I love my home because I have a sweet and caring family. I have one sister, a dad and my mom. I love my family just the way I love my home. There’s nothing but a sweet, shining, beautiful, best, enormous and loving home!

Your home is valuable so enjoy it and enjoy life!