Grade 5

British Columbia

Home Is a Safe Place To Me

My home is a safe place to me. It gives me a roof over my head, a place to sleep. I praise God every day for this wonderful home. I have a soft bed that I share with my toys. My home is full of love, through good times and bad. It doesn’t matter how it looks or how it smells; it matters that we get a roof over our heads. My house has no air conditioning, but I love it for what it is. In this house this is where memories are made but someday they may fade. I love this house for what it is. It’s a gift from God, so I love it with all my heart. The joy we share, in this house the love never ends. I bet if these walls could talk they would say, “I love you, too”. This home is filled with love. We keep this house together no matter what. This is my home. It’s beautiful for what it is and I love it. That’s what my home means to me.