Grade 5


Home Is A Prize

My home is very special to me
It means many things, mostly family.
My brother and me, sometimes we fight
but then we work it out, then it turns right!
My parents I love them with all my heart,
It’s bad and quite sad when we’re apart…
Buddy is my little but sweet dog,
Sometimes he woofs down his food, such a hog!

When I sit down to eat dinner,
If it’s poutine, I feel like a winner.
A warm and soft comfy bed
Is waiting for me to rest my head.
When we are bored we play games,
We all fight like burning flames!
Speaking of flames, we like to sit by a fire
All of the colours we love to admire.

Sometimes through the window clouds rain tears
But the sun always rises and appears,
Home is where we should all feel safe
Inside that sacred and toasty place.
Some people have no such things
As homes, even young beings.
Even though our homes are not perfect
Together we still love and worship.

A home is a prize better than anything
Even money, and cars, and also bling.