Grade 6


Home is a Pretty Cool Place

A house is a structure that can be big or small.
It can be next to a grocery store or next to a mall.
Furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, and beds.
A house can be all sorts of colours like blue, grey or red.

Home can be a house, an apartment, a condo, or a loft.
With hearts that are warm and pilllows that are soft.
My home is near one of the Great Lakes.
Whenever I hear about or see someone that doesn’t have a home, my heart breaks.
They have no bed to sleep in, no warmth, and no shelter.
They are helpless when there’s bad weather.
No TV to watch, no good food to eat.
Because home is a place that can’t be beat.

Home is where my family is safe.
Home is where my pets can keep their fur dry during rain.
Home is where I use the internet and watch TV.
Home is where I mostly sleep and eat, It means a lot to me!

My mom, my dad, and my tablet.
My dog, Penny, and my cats, Spooky and Ettik.
My room, internet, TV and the aloe vera that my mom planted.

Do not take your home for granted.
If you don’t have a good home, tell this good organization called Habitat for Humanity.
They build homes of good quality that help improve your sanity.
Hearts full of warmth and love, a smile on each face.
After all, home is pretty cool place!