Grade 5


Home is a Place

Home is a place where I can feel safe and out of danger. I feel very relaxed at home when I come home from somewhere like my friend’s house. It is very peaceful at home because no one really disturbs me. I have lots of space at home and lots of things to do in my spare time. I don’t have to worry about anything at home because it will keep me dry and not snowy. Everything feels just right at home. Home is the best place to be at all times. Home feels just right. Home is one of the things I care most about after air, food, water, and family. I am very thankful that I have a home because some people don’t have one. And I have a very fun, good, and large house so I am very lucky. I do so many things at home like take a shower, sleep, eat, drink, and have lots of fun playing video games. My home is a very important thing. I would have an extremely difficult and not good or fun lifestyle. I have everything I need for a good lifestyle at my home. I can do my favourite hobbies at home like playing Fortnite, Clash Royale, and Zombies Royale, and I can play all by myself because I have no siblings. Home is nothing to complain about.