Grade 4


Home is a Place Where …

My home means courage, kindness, respect. My home is a place where we all have fun, play and help. You may have a home but other people may not have a home so you can make a better world and you will make a difference one day.

You can make some have joy if you donate to the Habitat for Humanity and make lots of money. Joy is a place where you have friends, family and people. The joy is your house that is how you can make people have joy in their world. So make that difference and be with joy.

Home is a place where there is happiness. Happiness is when people congratulate you, to help your own neighbourhood and the environment. Happiness is all over the world. You can also have happiness in your backyard,playground and video games. I feel happiness in your own heart in my own body. I have lots of more reasons what is happiness;
Happiness is fun happiness is caring about your family. There are lots of more reasons about happiness. My room is the best because it is clean and cozy. You can have a home like me and other people. The more you donate to habitat of humanity there will be more houses.

We have a home and we care.