Grade 5

British Columbia

Home is a Place Where You Can Rest Your Shoulders

Home a place where I you go to rest your shoulders
Home is a place where you can go to feel safe. What home means to me is some where to make memories. I whish there where less homeless people. When I’m older I’m going to help homeless people get homes. I’m going to a new home in 3 months and a new home is like getting a new sibling, it is so exciting. Home is a place to go to see your family who loves you and will protect you and help you do you home work. Home is a place to rest and take a break. I like to play on my tv with my friends. Home is a place to go and take a brake, sit with your family, play Lego or make a puzzle. What I do is I play Lego, me and my brother each have a castle. Mine is bigger than his. Once his broke a bit but I helped him fix it. Sometimes I’m grounded so me and my brother’s hang out a lot. In a home you have couches, chairs, tv, books to keep you entertained while you are bored. A bad home looks as if your home was burned down two times, no chairs, no beds, no food, animals like rats every where in your home. I hope everyone can have a safe home.