Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

Home is a Place Where You Belong

What is the meaning of home? you ask. To me, home is a safe place, a place where you see the people you love everyday. Home is somewhere that doesn’t have to be big or small to feel comfortable. Home is a place where you feel like you belong. Home? Oh, home is where you have those amazing unforgettable moments with your loved ones! Where is home? Home is wherever you feel loved and like you belong, a place you can go whenever. Home is somewhere where people don’t judge you for how you look, what your race is, what your weight is, the things you like or dislike. Some people don’t have a place to call home and I know that I’m supposed to be talking about what home is to me, but facing reality we have all probably thought or imagined how it would be to not have somewhere to call home. That shows how privileged so many of us are, many of us don’t have to think about these things, but think of all the people who do. Imagine having to think of somewhere to sleep every night just because other people don’t care enough to even donate a dollar so we can try and stop homelessness. Home doesn’t have to be tall or short but as long as I have a home I am very grateful and happy, and will forever appreciate the place where I belong.