Grade 4


Home is a Place Where…..

Home is a Place Where….

Home is a place where you can show your feelings and home is having fun with your family. Home is a place to be yourself and home is where you can play board games and video games with your family. Home is not just a place, your home is a house that you can feel safe in. Home isn’t just a set of bricks, it’s a place of love, courage, and peace. Home is a place for comfort and a warm place to live in. Home is a place where I can play soccer and hockey with my family. Home is a place where I can play with my sister. Home is special because no matter where you live, God can protect us. Home is helping with chores and doing homework. Home is where you can have faith, respect and care for others. Home is where I watch the Jets and sadly this year, we didn’t win. At least Vegas didn’t win the Stanley Cup.
Home is where I read, sleep, and eat. Home is where I bake with my mom. Home is where I have hope. I wouldn’t care if I was living in a cardboard box because the building doesn’t matter, it’s the love inside that matters. I think everybody should have a safe, dry, warm and secure place to live in.