Grade 5


Home is a Place to Build Memories

Home is a Place to Build Memories…….

One day my brother and I were on the swings together. I told Ryan to jump off and he did his first flip. We both went crazy when he landed.

Another time, the three of us were at the trampoline park and Ryan and Jax both ran up the diagonal tramp and did a backflip. The same day at the same park, I was in the dodgeball tournament they were hosting. My team won, but in the middle of the match this big dude was playing and this dude whipped the ball at me and I jumped right into the ball. It hurt but it was a fun day!

Another really fun day, we were in Disney and we were on the bus and we were going to, “Magic Kingdom”, my FAVOURITE park in Disney. So, we were in the park getting ready to get on the ride BUT right as we were getting on the ride, they shut the ride down! There was a drop in the ride, and when you go, you start to gain a lot of speed so if you were hit by that ride it would feel like getting shot by a gun. When those cars were going down, they all went so fast that the 5 cars all hit together and couldn’t move.

That is why it is nice to spend lots of time with your family.