Grade 6

Grande Prairie

Home is a place I want to be

My home is safe.
Home is a place where I am loved.
There is joy in my home.
There is joy everywhere I go.
Family is memories.
Family is what macks home amazing.

We will make a lot of cookies.
Home is a place to play.
Home is a place that we can laugh.
Home is a place to play games.
At home my mom will sing and dance.
At home she will hug me tight.

Home is where family goes to feel alright.
My dog will come and give me licks.
When we play music my dog will sing.
When I’m sad my dog we’ll see if I’m alright.

After school I play with my friends outside.
Everyday my family will go on walks and look up at the stars.
When my brother and I get home we play football.
I love my family and so should you.