Grade 4

Prince Edward Island

Home is a Place for my Family and I

A place for a person is home. Home comes from the heart, you may have a home but some people who don’t have a home struggle.There are some people who live in boxes so you should be grateful. It may be hard for people to get money and have a home but homeless people have a harder time. There are more than a 1000 homeless men and women and even children struggle there are still hundreds of thousands of homeless people that still are struggling with money and a place to keep them warm. Some people survive with just a crusty old rag!

A home would mean alot for homeless people they need food, clothes and even one meal will help them. Some people died of not having enough food! Even a dollar will mean soo much to a homeless person even a couple cents well mean the world to a homeless person.

When you move out of your home your memories will still be there. It feels good to come back and you can remember all the old fun times. Your home can be a road, shed, house, bench, or even a box. Home is a place I’ll never forget. I love my home.

I may not win anything but all I need is a home to live in.