Grade 6

Grande Prairie

Home is a Place For Everyone

Home is a place to be loved.
Your family and friends all around you.
They fill you with joy and excitement.
They keep you safe and protected.
Home is a place where you can express yourself
without being ashamed.
Nobody will stare at you and call you lame.
All types of people are welcomed!

But not all people are safe.
Some people don’t have homes which is not okay!
Some Rotary homes are too full!
It takes some time to make some money.
But living on the street is not so funny.
No matter how life is, everybody should have a warm home.

Living with family is fun and sweet!
Your family is very loving and neat!
When I’m with my family I know I’m safe.
Not being scared and being okay.
I’m grateful for my family and that my home is safe.
I’m thankful I’m loved and knowing I have a nice place to live.

Home is where I belong.
Home is where I can grow and be strong!
I learn things everyday.
I can rely on my family every day of the week.
Helping me through everything it’s kind of neat!
Eating yummy food with the whole family!
Tacos, rice, chicken and so much more!
Sometimes food is delivered straight to my door.

I know not everyone has a family, which is very sad.
But all you really need is a place to stay, a home!
Some people don’t have someone to talk to or to live happily with.
But that is okay.
Having a warm, safe home is all you need.
With lots of memories it’s never boring.
I know I’m safe.

Life at home is great!
Lots of memories I can create!
I’m so glad I have a home.
It makes me happy when I know I have a safe and loving home.
I can’t wait to create even more memories as I go.
Home is a place for everyone.