Grade 5


Home is a Place and a Feeling

Home is a place and a feeling.

It is a place full of love,
An area made of joy.
A zone of light,
A cave without darkness.
It is a place where happiness lives forever.
There is nowhere for darkness because there is only truth and love.

Home is a feeling too.
It makes you feel safe from outside.
You feel the warmth of love,
And the tears of joy.
We are the ones who create these feelings.
We are the heart of the house that pumps love and joy.
Because without someone to live in a home, where is the heart?
Who will pump all the love and joy?

Home is a place and a feeling.
It is a good place everyone needs.
It is one of the greatest gifts from God.
It is a place to take care of your family.
It is a place everyone deserves.
Because home is a great place and a great feeling.