Grade 6


Home is a Place…

Home is a place of happiness and sadness. From long laughs to slamming of doors and yelling. Home is a place where you have a shingled roof and a warm bed. This place is quite unique. A place that weathers though a bad storm. Home can be simple and unique. Coming from a house with four other people, it can be cramped but is jammed packed full of amazing memories. Many places have good memories.

This place is where all my veggies come from in the summer time. Four raised beds full of healthy and nutritive veggies. Also, this is the place where I took my first steps and then fell face first into the rocked filled soil. This place has an apple tree, 30-foot pine tree and a peach tree in the front. The front of my house has old, peeling paint and older windows. Next on the list is my bed room

This place has fluffy currents that the sun peer through at too early o ‘clock. My walls are gray with a teal blanket and happy plants. Every night Lin and Sophie, come and curl up in my bed and leave at 3:00 every morning. Your bed room always keeps good spirts in and bad spirts out.

The kitchen, the place that you hear the griddle sizzling with hot bacon and pancakes in the morning. The place where the instant

pot gives off that melodious tastes that makes your mouth water. Then the sound of forks and knives clattering as the plates hit the table. Next the sound of the dishwasher running at 6:30.

Home is a place of happiness and sadness from long laughs and slamming doors. That’s what home means to me.