Grade 5



Home is like a place,
Where there is lots of space,
It’s where I get to rest,
So I am at my best,
It’s where I get to eat,
And where I get to knit,
It’s where I get a bed,
So that I rest my head,
It’s where I pray to God,
And thank Him I’m not ignored,
It’s where I watch Television,
About a cooking competition,
This poem is about home
So I can’t talk about a dome,
Or about me getting a loan,
It’s where I talk happily,
When I am with my family,
It’s where I talk to my sister,
About what we‘re having for dinner,
It’s where i get my own room,
So that i can talk on Zoom,
And that they won’t have to assume,
That I am in a classroom,
With all the different voices,
Of different people with different choices,
It’s where I chill on the sofa,
And where I make origami,
And where I thank God there’s no tsunami,
On this final note,
It’s where I eat Quaker Oats,
It’s where I do some yoga,
And where I enjoy some soda,
It’s where I have a race,
About stuffing my face,
With all the different foods,
Now time for me to conclude,
I hope that i am understood.