Grade 5


Home is a Place

I think home is a place I feel safe in, just as your money is all safe in the bank. A home meets your needs, as in eating, drinking, etc. Home is comfort, like jumping into the bed. Home is incredible that way.
When you get beat up by life, home is there for you. You have the right to have all the fun you want without being judged. If you are ill, home is the cure. Home. It is a place of comfort.
Home is a place where you can drink. You can drink – that is a privilege. Home is a place where you can eat. You can eat – so many people can’t afford to eat or a home. In home you have freedom. You can jump, run, flip, etc. Home is a place where you meet your needs.
Home is a feeling, too. You can feel happy, sad, mad, surprised, etc. But mostly loved. Home – the place where you can jump right into your bed. Home is a place of protection.
From beginning to end, home is a place of comfort, protection, and a place to meet your needs.