Grade 6


Home Is A Noun

Home is a noun.
A person,place or thing.
But dictionary’s say nothing of what it really is.
Home is all around us, but also in the heart.
It’s the people that count the most.
For a home is nothing if we are apart.
In a home time is nothing.
For people don’t last too long.
But family is forever,
when we are together.
From the bannock in the oven,
to the blankets on the beds
and our Canadian flag glowing bright red.
There’s our fun and festive spirit.
And bedtime?
We’re quite near it.
But even after dark,
the love is still in our hearts.
Because home is a noun.
Not a verb.
Not a sound.
Because even when the walls fall down,
family is still around.
And there what make my home mine,
always and forever.