Grade 6


Home is a Mountain

Home is a mountain, standing tall and proud
Sometimes it can be calm, sometime it can be loud
Home protects me like a tall mountain

Home is where i have my own space
Home to me is a safe place
somewhere loved ones come home every night
And Home should never be filled with worry or fright
home is as safe as a bulletproof vest

Home reminds me of the sound of cats purring, and vacuums vrooming
Home is a sirene place where you can sit back and read a book
Somewhere i can fall asleep everyday
home is where you can express your inner feelings
Home is the sound of moms voice
Home is the warmth of my bed
Home is where i can release the thoughts that built up in my head

Home is where i belong
And somewhere i feel strong
Home is not just a house
Home is where you feel safe and sound
A place where you feel surrounded by love

When at home, you should never be alone
Home is a place where i’ve flourished and grown
And home is where i feel comfort from the people i love after a bad day or two
Home protects me from all of my fears

Home has important things and people
But if i were to ever lose my home i would be destroyed
I would feel as if a chunk of me was taken away
Home is important to me
Home is my mountain