Grade 4


Home is a Home


Everyone deserves a safe home to live in.

A home is something that to you it is safe. It has food, it has heat and it has so many things.

Scars are in a home.

Scars are something that when you maybe fought with a family member also when something bad happens like a family member dies. I know how it feels. It happened to me before. It hurts but I know I will never forget about my family members that have died. Those are scars to me.

Smells are in a home.

Smells are like food I have eaten with family and friends. Also smells are when I walk into my home and my mom and grandma are making my favorite food, shrimp. I Know it is for me. I walk in my home, I can smell the garlic sizzle in the pan. It makes my mouth water. That is a home smell to me.

Laughter is in a home.

Laughter is like when my dad tells funny jokes. My mom tells funny jokes too. They make me laugh and it always makes me feel happy at home.

Music is in my home.

I have a ukulele and when I play it I feel safe. I feel like I am loved when I make up some songs on it.

I feel sorry for all those poor people.
I don’t like that poor people need to choose between rent money and a heated, decent, affordable and safe home to live in. You just think about all those poor people that have no home to feel safe in.Poor people don’t have blankets, pillows. Some don’t even have food and water.

BUT thanks to you, Home for Humanity, we are making a difference.