Grade 5


Home Is A Happy Place

Home is a happy place.

Home is welcoming but you need a family pass when you don’t, you get in BIG TROUBLE!

Home is an area for happiness and no loneliness it tries its best to keep loneliness away.

It lets you be yourself with no interruptions.

You can easily try new things at home because it always lets you.

It lets you have some personal space from other people.

Home sometimes makes mistakes, just like me and you, and everyone else.

Home can also be a scary place, when water from the pipes starts a flood.

One of the most important things is home lets you be happy.

But that’s not the MOST important thing, the most important thing is home is wherever my family is.

Home is a safe area for me and my family.

It lets good and happiness in, but nothing else. That’s why “home” is spelt…

H- Happy.

O- Outstandingly safe

M- Mindful of your personal space

E- Effort is put in to keep you comfortable.

Home really is a happy place. I wish everyone could have one!