Grade 5


Home is a great place

Home is the best place in the world to me. It is because of family is important. You should always love your family. If I did not have a family I would cry. I love my room it is where I sleep it is also where I play and read. I also think it’s safe for me. My basement is cool. I have video games to play with my friends. I also have a piano to learn, and I have toys. My kitchen is cool. My mom cooks really good food. I like my kitchen because we can eat as a family. I like my living room because I have a tv to watch with my family I also have my dog. My backyard is so cool. I have a trampoline I also have a hockey net to play with. I also have lots of fun. Everything in my home is important even if it is a shirt it’s still important. You should always love your pets and your family, and the best thing is the memories. Without a family a room a basement etc. You do not have a home but that is ok.

Best wishes to future habitat for humanity homeowners.