Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Home is a Great Place to Be

People are very lucky to have a home. Otherwise there are people sleeping outside in the cold pouring rain. That is why you should always be grateful for what you have and appreciate what you have. My home keeps me comfortable and safe. One reason why I’m safe is because I’m surrounded by my family. Family is my heart, also known as my world. Home gives me inspiration to stay there and get comfortable and work towards my future. If you don’t think you have a good home you’re wrong because think of all the others that are homeless. I bet they would be relieved to have a home or even just somewhere to stay like a cottage or a room with a roof over their head. So be grateful for whatever type of home you have.
What would you be thinking right now if you did not have a home? What if you were on the streets asking for money while other people are in a cozy and nice house. It must be hard to live on the streets. Think about it, you’re on the streets asking for money trying your hardest to get a good sleep and starving for food. Some people survive on the streets but there’s a chance you couldn’t. What would you do if you had no money or a house and someone just randomly comes up to you and gives you money? Would you accept it or would you decline it? If I was on the streets my heart would be shattered in pieces. Imagine not having to go see your parents, friends or family. Honestly, I would not survive without my parents. They mean the world to me. My home, family and friends, I could never live without any of them. That is why home is a great place to be.