Grade 5


Home is a friend

Home is a friend.

Home. A place that we live in. It is always there for us. It is there when we are sad, mad, and also when we are going through hard times. It never complained, it just sat there looking at you. It may have no mouth but it has feelings. It is always looking to see how you have grown.

It never leaves you because after all it is still home. When you move and go to a different home your old home will still welcome you back. Your family will always be there so whenever you come back it will feel like home.

Home is more than just somewhere that provides shelter it is a place where love is. It is a place where you feel safe. Home won’t harm you instead it will protect you. No matter where you go it won’t feel like home.

If you go on a trip to a different country and live in a hotel it will have a strange feeling like it is a stranger that is trying to capture you. But home won’t feel like that, it will feel like there is a force field that blocks strangers out of your home.

Home is a magical place! It makes dreams come true. No matter how much failure you have don’t get upset because home will make you happy. After a tough day of work or school when you come home everything will feel right. All your failures will go away so now you can continue and carry on your day.

Some people when they come home they see their parents and a couch and Tv. But when I come home I see a nice comfy couch that can never be found again and parents that are happy to see me with food welcoming me.

After all, you should be glad that you have a home. Some people have homes on the street and they do not feel safe. So we need to make a stop to it so make an entry so we can stop people being homeless and make homes for them!!!