Grade 6


Home is a feeling

Home isn’t always a house.
It’s a place where you feel at ease with others and yourself.
You make memories with friends,
Who become your chosen family.
Your family cares for you in your time of need.
You have happy and joyful times,
and broken and sad times.
but no matter what, you love your home,
No matter where it is.
Your home could be a town,
Or a province
Or a country.
It’s a place full of memories,
That make you who you are.

The definition of home means different things to different people,
But at heart, it means the same thing;
A soft place to land at the end of the day,
That supports us and provides us comfort.
Home can mean and do much more for us than we know.
And all around the world,
No matter who you ask,
‘Home’ is more than just a place to sleep,
It’s a powerful place that has profound effect on us.
It’s a place to take pride in.

But to me,
Home is a feeling of belonging,
Where the heart feels comfortable with all of its surroundings.
I don’t think it needs to be the birthplace of a person,
But a place where you feel secure and joyous.
My home is Leamington
Sure, it might be my birthplace,
But It’s also the place I have the most memories.
It’s a calm and peaceful place,
And I will always feel happy here,
Even if I move across the entire world,
Leamington will always be my home.
Forever and always.