Grade 5


Home is a Feeling

In my happy place,
I’m never ever excluded,
never punched, kicked or shoved.
I’m always included.

I feel safe, secure and protected
living underneath my roof.
I’m happy and healthy
and that’s the honest truth.

Being in my happy place
means I have a lot.
A warm bed and some food to eat,
but that’s not all I’ve got.

I am lucky I can play hockey
and even go to school.
Maybe I’m lucky that I can watch TV,
or we have the money to pay for fuel.

I am happy to be where I am
with nice people and friends too.
I feel fortunate to live in Airdrie,
and I’m not feeling blue.

When I’m enjoying my time,
I usually think of great things,
perhaps the fact that I am alive,
with all that life has to bring.

A house is a structure
that really means nothing.
I have no connection;
it doesn’t mean anything.

A home is a feeling, an emotion I’d say.
Where we make our house feel different.
It’s where I’m comfortable to do anything.
It’s where I’m loved, happy and quite content.

My happy place is my home
and that will not change.
I don’t care what others think
even if they believe it’s strange.

A piece of my home, always,
no matter where I roam,
is with me everywhere I go.
My family makes a house a home.