Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is a feeling

A house is a structure, a building, A thing.
But home is a feeling a feeling that’s filling.

It’s a warm cosy bed and a roof over my head but it’s a feeling of safety That makes me less hasty
My room is fun I play in it every day in every way it could be prettier but at Least it’s familiar

My living room is where I meet with my own and my friend’s families but what keeps it together is the family memories
In my kitchen when I walk through the door delicious smells and tastes flush over over my tongue and face
Well it keeps me safe from any type of weather what I love is that it keeps Me and my family together

Home could be anything
It doesn’t have to be a house
It could be a cardboard box
Or even not exist in this world at all
Home is a feeling
Something I can’t describe
I don’t think anyone can
But many of us know the feeling.
And all those who don’t deserve to
So I hope that with these poems
We can give other families
A chance to know that amazing feeling too.