Grade 6


Home is a Feeling

There are a lot of people that do not have homes. Around 2,000 people go homeless each year in Canada. I want to decrease that number to around 120 people. My Grandparents that live in the Philippines are poor so my family gives them medications, clothes, and shoes. Enough of the chit chat let me tell you what home means to me.

Any time I go to bed. I feel safe and cozy. I also like to read on my bed that helps me sleep better. I love watching YouTube on my phone and I do that on my bed.I love my bed.

When I come home from school I like to have a snack. Or watch Youtube. I love YouTube. My mom always says “Dinner is ready.” Dinner is relaxing. I just love food.

When I relax on my couch. It feels like a pile of feathers. Because it is so so so so so so so soft. I can sleep on my couch because I am always tired. And I love to watch YouTube and my couch is where I watch.

Well that is all the thing I can think of my home.I help the homeless people. And I want to decrease that number 2,000 to 120. Right now I feel homesick and miss my home.