Grade 5


Home Is A Comfortablte shelter for a family

Home is a Comfortable Shelter for a Family !

Home is very important because it is a safe shelter , it is comfortable and a loving place. Home is also a calming, comfortable and a loving place. Home is also beautiful and a hard working place to live. So that means home can be anything you make it.

If we didn’t have shelter we would be outside in the cold. Shelter gives you warmth and gives you a comfortable place to be with your loving family. When you spend lots of time in your shelter it becomes a very secure place to be.

I feel calm in your shelter because it has the things and people that make me happy. My shelter is beautiful because of the love and care that goes into it. To make a calm, loving and beautiful shelter you need put a lot of hard work and effort into it.

A comfortable shelter is a home that is safe, warm, loving, and a happy place to be. When I have family over at my home I feel very calm and welcoming. It’s an awesome feeling just like home!

That’s what home means to me. What does home mean to you ?
Remember home and house do not mean the same things!
By: J.V.