Grade 5


Home Is A Bueatiful Thing

Beautiful Thing
Home means to me that it is where family meets and spends time together. With a house it’s like a home that just got built. A home is to celebrate and have fun. A house is a shelter where you can stay dry in. Home is a place to spend time with family and where love happens. A home has stuff and has great memories. It’s a place where people love, laugh and live in. Home is where memories in life happen and you can always remember them. Memories can make connections to other people. Home is a great place to be because it is a place where pets will be waiting for you if you have one and once you get home your pets will be so happy.
Sometimes when the power goes out my family plays flashlight tag in the dark and it is so much fun. One time our family played a game with a stuffed pillow snake where you tie it around your waist and the person without the snake has to pull off the snake of the other person. There can be a lot of memories that happen in a home. When people come to your home it will make them feel like it’s their home. When friends and family come it’s so much fun! When you go to your friends house you have so much fun as well! Sometimes when your friends come over you will remember that time you were at their house and you had so much fun! Remember that home is a beautiful thing and know matter what it’s always your home. Every home is safe and is secure. A home has a feelings just like you. The word home is the nice word to comfort people when they move into their new home. Home is the starting of love and hope and dreams.

From, C.L.