Grade 4


Home is….

Home is

Home is special because it’s a place where I play with my family.
It’s where I am cozy and warm.
Home is not wood, nails, brick, glue, carpets, plastic, metal and glass. Home is where my family lives.
Home is where I laugh and joke and play.
Home is where I eat and drink.
Home is where I play with my cousins.
Home is where I am cozy and warm it’s raining or snowing.
Home is where I feel safe and secure.
Home is where I let out my emotions.
Home is where I read my Bible and pray to God.
I don’t need to be afraid because God and my family are there.
Home is a place of love, peace and kindness.
Home is where I feel calm and happy and where I can cry.
Home is where I celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.
Home is where I get company.
Home is in my heart.
I think every body should have a home.
If somebody doesn’t have a home you can share yours.
Home is where I am recognized as myself. We all would like to be able to feel that way.
We can build a home for those who need a home.
(Thank you Habitat for Humanity for doing just that)
You can expand your home by fostering and then they are part of your home.