Grade 4


Home is..

Home is a place where joy, peace and happiness are brought
together it makes you feel safe. Your mom and dad are always there to help you. Home is a place where you have a bed to
sleep in. Some people don’t have a home so feel blessed that
you have a home to be cosy in. You have food and water
so you won’ starve.
Your home is place where love is made. There is love and people
to keep you safe.
Home is a place where you never have to feel scared .
Home is not just wood, nails, and, paint. It is a place where you are not alone and you have people to take scare of you and you are not bored.
I love when my sister and dad play with me.
Christmas is my favourite because you can celebrate God’s birthday and you get to give presents.
I really love baking cookies with my mom.
When my mom hugs me it feels like freedom.
Freedom and love makeup my home and this is what
I want others to have.