Grade 4

East St. Paul

Home is….

My home is special just like everyone inside.
It’s where you grow up go to college and die.
You come home it’s always ready for you to have an adventure and fly!
At home you have a friend whenever you need.
You can live in house but a home is a place with emotion and people.
It’s where you draw out some of your life with the people in your home.
You love your family and your home and you are never alone.
A home is a place where you feel freedom and to be free is fun.
That is my main meaning for the word home.
There still is more you are safe from storms so you can enjoy the storms.
You can go outside and roam.
A home is a place where I can help with the chores.
My home is a place where my sister snores.
Home is a place were I prepare for diving and train for diving and come home from diving.
I pack for school leave and come home.
You invite your friends or they invite you sometimes.
I feel very sad about the people who are less fortunate so be thankful for your home.
My home will make me enjoy a tornado, hurricane or a tsunami as long as I am with my family and my home.