Grade 4


Home is…

Home is…
Home is a place where love is shared.
Home is a place where there’s no fighting.
Home is a place where friends come over.
Home is a place where you celebrate your birthday.
Home is where you can play together. When my brother has time to play, we play soccer and hockey.
Your family provides you with everything you need.
I can swim in my pool in the summer with my family.
I can do nerf wars with my family.
I can play with my two cats and one dog. I can walking the park near us.
Home is where fear is not shown.
Home is were I can read, play, run,bike and go to church.
My dad watches me play video games.
Me and my brother play Fifa 18 and 19 and Star Wars.
Sometimes I visit my friends and my family does too! I pray to God and read the Bible. Friends do good stuff, but your family goes where you go and protects you.Home is where you celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, New Years, Valentine’s Day and Canada Day.
Laughter is important and safety is important also. My family also learns about rocks does projects with me and its impressive. Some people don’t have homes so be satisfied if you have a home. My dog jumps on people when they come to my home. I watch the Jets play in my home. When I come from school,I feel relaxed. I do art, go to soccer and go to restaurants. Home is the best place to be in. I play video games like Overwatch, Rocket league and Fifa. Home keeps you safe from lightning, fire and hurricanes. I would not live only with nails, wood, metal, rocks, etc. Some feelings that I have in my house are love, peace, joy, gentleness and kindness. I love home, do you?