Grade 4


Home Is…

Home is a place of freedom,
Home is where dreams come true.
Home is a place where you can follow your heart.
Whenever I’m away from home my eyes start to bleed with tears because I’m away from my family.
But when I am at home I feel comfortable and happy.
When I’m at home I feel free.

People without a home never get to experience the things we do like spending time with family.
If I had no home I would feel like no one cared about me and how I feel.

Home is made of joy and laughter, without a home you don’t feel that.
Home is a wonderland full of courage, hopes, and dreams.
When i’m at home i feel loved.
Home is an opportunity waiting for me.
Home is a box full of sad, happy, and fun memories.
Home is a small thing, but makes a big difference.