Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is…

Home is a beautiful word.
But to some, it means nothing.
Home for me is a place I belong.
It’s a place where anything is possible.
Home is having dance parities with my sister.
It’s playing games with my brother.
It’s building car tracks with my other brother.
It’s reading with my mom and drawing with my dad.
It’s listening to the growl of my dog trying to steal her toy from me as we play tug-of-war.
Home is not just a building. It’s a place to be with your family.
A place to test the limits.
A place to just…well…be.
Home is a blessing.
It’s a thing many take for granted, but shouldn’t.
Home is a place where everyone is welcome.
A place where you are not judged.
A place that welcomes you with open arms.
Home is a place where you can be free.
No masks are worn there.
Home should be a place everyone has.
Home is where I belong. Where you belong.
It’s a place everyone belongs.