Grade 5


Home Is…

A lot of people in the world do not have homes. Some people live in danger. They lost the feel of safety. Others live in the street without a warm, safe home. Other people may live in an actual home but they may lose the feel of family or friends. So, home means to me safety, family, love and peace.
A lot of people live in war and danger, they lose the feel of safety in their country. You might have a home but maybe you do not have family and friends who you get encouragement from. At home, I get love from family members and from friends. I also have neighbors whom I love and they love me as well. Peace at home means to me living together in the community without segregation and discrimination. As well, peace means having privacy and resting my head at my own home. Home to me when I rest on my couch in the cold winter nights, surrounded by my family whom I love the most.
Therefore, home is where I like to stay, home is where I like to play, home is where I am safe, home is where the heart is. So be the person who helps people who lost their homes. Remember that there are people, children who are suffering in the cold winter without a shelter, without a roof above their head. So, we have to be thankful that we have home in a safe country.