Grade 4


Home is…

Home is my happy place where memories are made
To me, home is my favourite place to be.
Home is a place where I’m not scared of being judged
Home is where my heart is and more special than a house.
Home is what makes me, ME, and stays with me through and through
Home will stay with me and never leave my heart
No matter where I am or what I see home is always there to comfort me
How unfortunate I would be if no home was made for me.
My mom and dad came together luckily
That is why there is a home made specially just for me.
Home is warm and cozy and after a long day,
Greets me at the door and listens to what I have to say.
Family, friends and fun are what make home a blast
And when I go shopping, I wanna get back home FAST!!!
This is why I would be so sad if no home was made for me,
So I decided I will never ever flee…
From my home.